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The 3-in-1

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(Older Adults)

This tablet app is designed for older adults at all stages! Users don't have to navigate nor do anything else in order to join a virtual activity or a video appointment. It supports seniors independently joining social activities and following routines in their care plan.

(Caregivers & Families)


Let this Walkie-Talkie app bring you peace of mind. Group calls, a community bulletin, and hybrid check-ins are all just a tap away. JayMobile is available for families and care workers on both iPhone and Android. 


(Caregivers & Families)

This web dashboard allows your community to manage our virtual program easily. Set up Care Circles for seniors, host video events, and manage calendars. You can configure all the customizable features for the JayPad from the FlightDeck Dashboard.. 


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data for accountability

FlightDeck - HealthJay's Web Admin Portal - unlocks all of the possibilities to bring person-centered care on the JayPad to an enterprise level.  It does not only organize enterprise activities with reminders but also tracks and documents attendance and service usage, producing reports. The data captured is transmitted to analytics for accountability. FlightDeck tracks virtual appointments and social activities used on the JayPad App. HealthJay is open to integration with electronic health record software systems. FightDeck, combined with the JayPad and JayMobile Apps, is HIPAA-compliant. 

Circle Power

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care Networking

HealthJay app users can create Care Circles and Social Circles. These circles are the fundamentals of how app users communicate. Users can organize and expand their Circles. Complete control over who may contact who is readily available. A Care Circle can contain CNA, front desk staff, health coordinators, and even off-site care partners. At a social level, JayPad users can form hobby groups, and make friends with other JayPad users. Care networking delivers care without an on-site facilitator, adding efficiency during staffing shortages. 

case management

Caregivers, care partners, and family members can use the JayMobile App to communicate among themselves. Staff meetings, case evaluations, and family support groups can take place within the HealthJay ecosystem. 

Person-centered care  is 

accessible and multi-lingual

HealthJay designs a simple-to-use tablet solution because we understand that getting older adults to adopt the technology must include them in an encouraging user experience. Nothing fancy, HealthJay covers the basics - color-coded big buttons, big fonts, multi-lingual and multi-cultural. Social activities and app buttons are offered in English, Spanish, Russian, Chinese, and more. A customizable home screen allows users to choose the functions appropriate for different cognitive levels. 

includes those without wifi

HealthJay's JayPad Tablet supports frequency bands of the major mobile data providers. Pop in a SIM Card to the JayPad Tablet to connect to the internet without WiFi. Users can choose their own mobile data plan, or ask a HealthJay agent about discounted group offers. 

download, buy, or lease

For users who already have their own device, simply download the JayPad App to any Android or iOS tablet. For those who need a tablet, HealthJay offers the option of purchasing or leasing the JayPad Tablet. The JayPad Tablet comes with a 4-speaker-enabled charging stand that angles the tablet for the ease of video conferencing while charging the tablet. Our Tablet is also set up to automatically update software and supports an optional kiosk lockdown mode. Ask a HealthJay agent about its Enterprise Leasing Program, the Next Day Replacement warranty and the policy to support White Labelling. 

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