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JayClub is the social, educational, and entertainment suite in the JayPad App where virtual activity organizers meet our older adult users. It houses live activities and videos on demand that JayPad users can view anytime anywhere. Content in JayClub is provided by professional activity experts specialized in older adult engagement. New content is added to the calendar frequently to refresh our users' fun experiences.  


Plenty of Channels to choose from - and the list is growing. Our JayChannel providers design specific contents for older adults.  From lite yoga, breathing exercises with guitar, women in World War Two, to the muse of Chinese opera, JayPad users find excitement from virtual activities in English, Spanish, Russian and Chinese. 

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Age-appropriate and cognitively stimulating activities for older adults to pursue lifelong learning.


Private training and group classes aimed at giving participants a meaningful fitness experience.


A wide variety of music experiences including active singing, movement to music, relaxation to improve overall wellness.

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A minority, woman-owned Adult Social Day Center focusing on the needs of the Hispanic and Latino population.


Live fitness classes, virtual tours, and workshops from global instructors that offer wellness and socialization.

Social needs

COVID has lent new attention to the importance of social determinants of health.  Given the staffing crisis, HealthJay has created a social engagement platform that keeps staff facilitation to its minimum. Its ease of use enables older adults to make friends, initiate hangouts, enroll and join activities independently without a facilitator. "Social" sustainably in greater independence defines HealthJay's approach to combat isolation.