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Communities go

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hybrid collaboration

In the world of hybrid care, communities are linked together. Hospitals need Home Care agencies to bridge care delivery to home-based patients. Senior Living communities develop their CCRC without walls to service "hybrid residents". Adult Day centers' virtual activities are joined by residents where communities are coping with staffing shortages. HealthJay achieves quality hybrid care by taking what communities do best to answer challenges of our time. 

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senior living

  • Residents' in-room social engagement, concierge button, and nurse call on video

  • CNA's virtual wellness checks, campus staff's walkie-talkie app on video

  • CCRC without walls for new census

memory care

  • Option to set incoming video calls to auto-answer to avoid confusion

  • Participate in stimulating activities and appointments without a facilitator

  • Pick Your Own features to fit different cognitive levels

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aging in place

  • Virtual wellness check from HealthJay's Mobile Care Partners for peace of mind

  • Health reminders and activity calendars

  • Easy-to-join Telehealth  

  • Find friends and form Social Circles

  • Social entertainment on-demand

rural communities

  • Support SIM Card mobile data for connectivity with your chosen carrier

  • Join HealthJay's leasing option to support those who have no device

  • Be a HealthJay-trained Mobile Care Agency equipped with devices and techniques 

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Home health care

  • Easy-to-make Virtual Wellness Calls

  • Track and report on each touchpoint

  • Alert family member in Care Circles

  • Preschedule virtual and in-person visits according to care plans

  • Enroll clients in virtual classes 

adult day & pace

  • Stream activities to off-site members with calendar, reminders, and group sign-up

  • Manage on-site attendance and transportation usage with EVV

  • Create your channel to share with multiple locations

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  • Case management among care partners 

  • Intakes and vocational interviews on video

  • Tele-counselling and support group

  • Find other veterans to be friends with

  • Medicine management with reminders

  • Track remote service usage electronically

nursing homes & hospice

  • Increase quality time with family through hand-free video conferencing

  • Call for help button to reach caregivers 

  • Care partners can book telehealth appointments on patient's calendar

  • More touchpoints to reduce readmission to hospital

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going-home patients

  • HealthJay's Mobile Care Agents are ready to facilitate hybrid care after discharge

  • Telehealth-ready with trained care agents and JayPad Tablets to assist short-term care patients

  • Capture data on the tablet and in-person care to assess patient's progress

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