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that fast-track growth

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solutions matter

HealthJay is known for developing bold visions to combat today's pain points. Our philosophy is that tech is not a band-aid fix for COVID. It is a long-term strategy for the challenges of staffing shortages and a growing aging population. Our solutions aim at providing sustainable growth for the health care ecosystem. HealthJay brings together a highly usable tech and a supported workplace to champion successful outcomes. 

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  • Lease the JayPad tablet with a charging dock at a low enterprise rate

  • The JayPad App is ready to use

  • Cellular connectivity is available

  • Drop-off, care, bill and re-assign it after a care plan is completed 

Work smarter not harder

  • Tackle staffing shortages by working smarter - not harder

  • Streamline operation by identifying tasks for automation with HealthJay Advisors to reduce staff fatigue

  • Allow remote care and "work from home" to enhance staff recruitment

  • Data collection results in less paperwork and more accountability for billing

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CCRC without walls

  • Reverse COVID loss of revenue with cost-savings

  • Upgrade your workforce to be ready for on-campus and off-site care delivery

  • Modernize your operation to trend with home and community-based services

  • HealthJay facilitates step-by-step migration to CCRC without walls with tech support and advisory

hybrid care plans

  • From on-site attendance to in-person visits at home, HealthJay's EVV supports electronic service validation 

  • Virtual membership at home by adult day and PACE providers offers social engagement

  • Virtual touchpoints enable home care providers to visually assess clients 

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puzzle-piece partnership

  • Never before, HealthJay's virtual platform pieces together adult day programs, home care virtual visits, telehealth, and CCRC's care management

  • Its apps involve family members, care partners, friends and neighbors beyond providers

  • HealthJay advances the model of care circles and social circles to expand resources that providers can draw upon to combat staffing shortages

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