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The Underserved

HealthJay's simplicity make it a universal tool to connect the most tech-disengaged. By empowering the underserved, we help our healthcare partners to improve their safety net and bottomline. 

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Our Market

Public Health Districts

A mass communication tool for Safety Net

Care Access Improvement is a top priority for many public health districts, especially those serving a diverse demographic, or facing increasing mental health needs and homelessness. HealthJay strengthens the safety net through 1) multilingual messaging, 2) protocol public announcements, 3) a health education channel, 4) public surveys for resource mapping, and 5) emergency preparedness via multilingual outreach. Disseminating health information to the widest populations timely redefines care access in public health. 

Easy App 

download. Easy to use

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Send a message in English, disseminate it to millions in 25 languages

Shortcuts to County Health services

Health education & wellness channel

Remote Patient Monitoring

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Turnkey RPM

  • A low-cost hybrid RPM program

  • Hassle-free device set-up

  • Patients receive reminders to take measurement via the App

  • Turnkey licensed nurses are available to act on out-of-range alerts and missed measurements

  • Physicians have real-time access to RPM data

Behavioral Health

Social determinants of health at your fingertips

HealthJay has a two-step approach to support individuals struggling with substance user disorder and mental illness. : 1) The Self-Care App; 2) a SDoH wraparound through the real-time Resource Bulletin. They can check resource availability offered by their community service providers and self-book the service just-in-time without waiting to be triaged. This population has a higher rate of not having a device. HealthJay offers "Resource Kiosks" which displays the Resource Bulletin as public information. The kiosks can be installed in places such as shelters, food pantries, or churches for public access. 

Real-time resource availability & self-booking


Peer Support

Resource Kiosk

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Case Management

Streamline referrals and service navigation

Backed by the capability to build a Community Information Exchange network, HealthJay breaks down the walls that keep community providers working in silos. In the front end, the CIE shares real-time resource availability which in return streamlines service navigation. In the back end, case managers can make referrals with the providers in the CIE, sharing notes and calendar. 

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Value-based Care

When patient experience is a priority

HealthJay partners with ACOs, health systems and health plans in the course of VBC transformation. The user-friendly HealthJay App boosts care access and patient engagement - especially for the high-risk patients. Patients enjoy better communication through the App, accessing providers timely for the right treatment with reduced barriers. Aside from the capability of EHR integration, HealthJay enables providers to make out-of-network referrals, with shared notes and pre-scheduled appointment. The community resource bulletin is a complimentary feature for equitability and whole-person care. This VBC Combo is a tool to improve patient satisfaction, shared savings and health equity.

Referrals &

out-of-network coordination

e-Surveys & alerts to improve patient satisfaction

Timely and equitable care access

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Complex Care

Stabilize the first 30-90 days with virtual help

Be it post-discharge, transition or re-entry, the first 30-90 days are critical. The HealthJay App helps care teams to monitor recovering patients by using a "talking" virtual helper to guide recovery plans.  The App has health reminders, call for help button, no-touch virtual drop-in visits to prevent relapses. It also has an alert system that ties in family members and care managers to catch early signs of an episode and trigger "alert tickets" for mitigation. HealthJay has helped health systems and health plans to reduce ER visits and re-admissions. 

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A companion App to enhance monitoring & mitigation 

HCBS on-the-go

Fast-track care delivery

Staffing shortages and high turnover prohibit community-based organizations from meeting a growing demand for home and community-based services. HealthJay helps organizations capture revenues by supporting caregivers and frontline staff to deliver care effectively. For home health agencies, it has a simple-to-use EVV feature to clock-in and clock-out, after-visit notes, and virtual wellness checks. For housing, food and transportation providers, it has a self-book feature to RSVP, a bulletin to display availability and e-surveys to assess needs. Community-based organizations can achieve more by working smarter. 

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