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The future of 

Population Health

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is about Care Access

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Disrupt with an Attitude

HealthJay has developed a Care Engagement Platform that bridges the much needed “last mile” of Care Access for the underserved populations. The goal is to connect the underserved populations to healthcare and life care in a care continuum without digital barriers. We overturn past fragmented innovations that failed to engage. It's a Person-Centered Gateway App that has a blunt attitude: Fix what has not been working, make tech solve societal problems, and work together! 

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Care Access Ecosystem

HealthJay's Care Access Solution is designed for care recipients and caregivers with pure simplicity. Color-coded big buttons, customizable home screen, and a la carte features configurable from its dashboard "FlightDeck". Family and care workers are invited to use its walkie-talkie app and to expand a network of connections through social and care circles. 

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LEGO-Style for the Hard-to-Reach

Its LEGO-block-like interface supports Person-Centered Care through customization of plug-and-play feature blocks. My Health Channels, My Care Circle, My Service Providers, My Concierge, and My Calendar are offered as LEGO blocks at a personal level - all your favorites at your fingertips. Telehealth, remote patient monitoring devices and EHR can be integrated. 

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Here are the lives we touch in their care journey

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