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The pandemic has opened the gate for technology. As the staffing crisis peaks, hybrid care brings automation to support the workforce for greater efficiency. As Omicron rages on, hybrid is the safe way for care workers to deliver care. As aging meets costly payments, hybrid introduces low-cost health care that bridges the health equity divide. HealthJay succeeds hybrid care with its simple tech revolution and business models that offer the industry soft landing in a turbulent time. 

Meet HealthJay

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virtual care

HealthJay's JayPad tablet solution is designed for care recipients and caregivers with pure simplicity. No typing, no login, no password. Color-coded big buttons, customizable home screen, and a la carte features configurable from its dashboard "FlightDeck". Family and care workers are invited to use its walkie-talkie app JayMobile and to expand a network of connections through social and care circles. Simple tech opens up all the possibilities to independent living. 


A people-tech for 
Health Equity


HealthJay is a SIMPLE tech created for the PEOPLE.  It rejects the same old complicated tech to serve today's different world. Its virtual ecosystem drives industry collaboration to improve the quality of life for all older adults in a whole new way – a hybrid pathway to bridge the digital divide, language gaps, spanning cities to rural areas. HealthJay pioneers a growth model that achieves social determinants of health, value-based care, and tech sustainability for care providers. 

Staffing Crisis
needs a SMART lift

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Aide booster

Program booster



Shift booster

An aide is a last-minute no-show? A CNA called in sick? Turn 10 in-room visits into 20 virtual visits per hour. Having CNAs conducting video checks increase productivity and flexibility for sick leaves.

Don't have programs? Tune into JayClub's classes and on-demand videos. Make your own JayChannel by having a work-from-home staff to stream live activities to JayPads from their room. 

Encourage virtual family visits to boost resident care. Extend the nurse call system with follow-up calls on video. Save the run-around when you have low staffing at night.

Social Suite

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let's hangout

Hanging out is a breeze with HealthJay's social suite. Older adults can benefit from its pure simple "Social Circles" to connect with family members, find new friends, join virtual classes, and form hangout groups with others who share the same hobbies and speak the same language. Families can find their support groups in the topics they share. Social determinants of health are tracked and measured in HealthJay's FlightDeck dashboard. 

powered up

From coast to coast, a wide spectrum of care providers for home care, adult day, PACE, independent living, assisted living, memory care, skilled nursing, and rehab are joining the HealthJay family. They implement the JayPad to improve quality of life for older adults, to increase census, and to leverage automation to relieve staffing shortage. 

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Dream Big

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