Go Hybrid with JayPad's Virtual Programming 

1 Class, 2 Modes - Plan A and Plan B, rain or shine. JayPad fast-tracks the arrival of hybrid classrooms (Centers Without Walls) by integrating LIVE activities with virtual programming, offering remote validation of services, and an interactive activity planner to engage members.

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"Brighter Days" Mission


We are in some hard times together. HealthJay is here to achieve brighter days with you. Our "Brighter Days Initiative" is to use simple yet powerful technology to recoup the losses in revenue and ultimately expand to new markets for growth through virtual programming and hybrid deliveries. 

To support this transition, HealthJay is giving out FREE JayPads as a starter tool for the adult programming industry to make a positive change. 

Check out our "JayPad Cares" Partnership with the National Adult Day Services Association. NADSA members enjoy special deals from HealthJay for their re-opening.


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How does JayPad drive 

engagement for revenue?

Hybrid virtual engagement

  1. Daily group activities and classes virtually from a host (at a center or anywhere) to as many participants as you want. 

  2. Touchless group games with friends.

  3. Unified platform for activity invitation, enrollment, materials, and attendance log.


User-friendly HIPAA compliant tech

  1. Voice commands, no typing needed.

  2. Pop-up messages for reminders and confirmations.

  3. Simply tap a few friends for a group video call

"Achieve-more" operations

  1. Touchless remote service validation

  2. Automated wellness checks

  3. E-invitations and enrollment for activities

Family integration

  1. Care Circle to stay in the loop

  2. Daily member report for peace of mind

  3. 24/7 Check-In button to catch any needs during off-hours

Maximized return on investment

  1. Increase referrals, monetize stay-at-home services by turning a waiting list into membership

  2. Reduce desk time, enhance staff productivity, and reduce costs. 

  3. Hybrid service deliveries (in-center and virtual) outgrow competitors

Sounds like a good re-opening strategy? Request a demo now.

Meet happy members in the Jayborhood

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Meet JayPad,

the Virtual



Meet JayPad, HealthJay's most anticipated effort to energize adult care enterprises with an all-out growth mindset. Our user-friendly engagement system with virtual activities, socializing, entertainment, and service deliveries, is designed for seniors and adults and allows the industry to generate user adoption that drives growth and revenue.

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Care circle for

peace of mind

Thanks to the super simple JayPad and our JayMobile App, families, and caregivers can now stay connected with their seniors 24/7. Our Care Circles replace call centers and crowdsource help among the loved ones. The activity summary and results of wellness surveys are available for care circle members. Your peace of mind is our priority especially in the time of a pandemic. 

Pair up with EHR

HealthJay excels in areas that EHR and other data management systems do not cover. It streamlines how members, families, and care staff interact and are being served. Daily operations achieve a new level of optimization. Happy membership fuels growth. Together, these reduce costs, save time, add revenue, and achieve more. 

An ecosystem  that grows

By subscribing to JayPad, you'll have an ecosystem of smart tech behind you. HealthJay's Web Admin Portal "FlightDeck" allows easy management of activities for JayPad users. All activity history is recorded in our cloud database ready for reports and reimbursement. Families and caregivers can use our "JayMobile" App to instantly respond with realtime video to JayPad users. Our platform is designed to support future upgrades, new functions, and software integration. 


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