1 Activity, 2 Modes - on-site or at-home. JayPad, powered by HealthJay and its ecosystem, supports hybrid models to bring the "World to Home". It offers a suite of Apps that is ultra-easy to use for social engagement to combat isolation. Its "World@Home" platform includes fun virtual activities with teachers and groups, social engagement, video calls with family and friends that can be easily navigated to even for the non-tech-savvy-users. This is an industry-based hybrid platform that is designed for care providers to engage clients and increase census. 



Go Hybrid with JayPad's Virtual Programming 

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3-in-1 ecosystem  

 HealthJay's 3-in-1 virtual platform has a modular infrastructure that includes a tablet device, admin and mobile apps, and interactive virtual content. It covers six health modules:

  • Social Engagement and Virtual Group Games

  • Calendar Scheduling, Virtual Activities, and Group Video Calls and Games

  • Expanded Telehealth and Remote Health Monitoring

  • Trackable Reports and Service Verification

  • Case Management and Response Handling 

  • Mobile Device Management and HIPAA Security

Speak your language

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Compatible with your device

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JayPad with Dock
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Meet JayPad, 

a Talking Virtual Buddy

Meet JayPad, the ZERO BARRIERS talking tablet. Users don't have to navigate nor do anything else in order to join a virtual activity or a Telehealth appointment. JayPad brings PEOPLE together with games, appointments, and activities - virtually. And yes, JayPad speaks your language too. You can get a great deal on a custom JayPad device (10-inch display on a charging dock) with a year subscription. Or if you prefer, you can use the JayPad app on any iOS or Android tablet.

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JayMobile App for Care Partners

Our JayMobile App is designed for caregivers, care partners in the community, and family to stay in touch with JayPad users. Group calls, a community bulletin, and hybrid check-ins are all just a tap away. JayMobile is available for both iPhone and Android.

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FlightDeck - HealthJay's Admin Portal - unlocks all of the possibilities,  including scheduling and calendars, enrolling and booking, tracking and reporting, and the benefits of communicating with care partners on the same portal. Better yet, all video classes, activities, appointments, and group calls are seamlessly handled by our HIPAA compliant servers.

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3 Things Innovative about HealthJay?

#1: Ready for Hybrid Models

To bridge service deliveries at-home and on-site is the key for hybrid models. HealthJay allows enterprises to track, log and integrate on-site and off-site activities and appointments

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#2: Scalability to Lower Costs 

Start to decrease costs prior to hospital dispatch, throughout home health and housing assignment, and all the way to adult day services by building a seamless care partner circle using FlightDeck. Share calendar and client data files, and conduct video appointments securely. HealthJay 3-in-1 Platform is ready-to-go and can scale up quickly.  

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#3: Person-Centered JayPad 

JayPad supports voice commands and multiple languages. JayPad features can be customized according to the user’s cognitive level. Creating a person-centered user environment will reduce the risk of user fatigue and lead to successful Telehealth Appointments, Virtual Programs, and Social Engagement.

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Integrate with EMR

HealthJay excels in areas that EMR and other data management systems do not cover. It streamlines how members, families, and care staff interact and are being served. Daily operations achieve a new level of optimization when your EMR system works effortlessly with an engagement system like HealthJay. Being an open platform, HealthJay is ready to integrate. 

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"Brighter Days" Mission

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We are in some hard times together. HealthJay is here to achieve brighter days with you. Our "Brighter Days Initiative" is to use simple yet powerful technology to recoup the losses in revenue and ultimately expand to new markets for growth through virtual programming and hybrid deliveries. 

Contact our Care Team to discuss a Partnership Program that is unique to your enterprise. 

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